Chaldean People in 339 AD



CHALDEAN is our true #ethnicity (Catholic and Nestorian faith) representing our UNITY and IDENTITY for the last at least 5,000 years. We endured many invaders and occupiers of Mesopotamia but never wavered our CHALDEAN identity.

Evidence: Prayer book of Hudhra Remsha. Page 365. In 339 AD “Chaldeans stood up and said God will save us”

This important prayer book is used by Chaldean Catholics and Chaldean Nestorians that rejected unity with universal Catholic Church.

In late 19th century, Nestorians adopted a geographical and political new title of assyrian after support from English and American Protestants missionaries led by William Ainger Wigram (1872 – 1953) to divide the Chaldean people and gave the Chaldean Nestorian a new title as their new identity to stay away from the universal Catholic Faith.

The historical evidence are clear. Many historical documents show the Nestorian Bishops calling themselves and signing documents as Chaldeans until the 20th century where they bent to their own political pressure and started removing their Chaldean identity from official documents in 1976.

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