Nestorian Patriarch Mar Awa III Failed to Convince his Nestorian People. Chaldean People Do Not Trust Him!

Chaldean people do not trust Nestorian Mar Awa III

Open Letter to the Nestorian Patriarch Mar Awa III


By Deacon Dr. Gorgis Mardo

Can the Chaldean people trust the Nestorian Patriarch that his frequent visits to some Chaldean priests in their local parishes invite him to say that the people of his Nestorian Church want to merge his separatist church with the Chaldean Catholic Church? Is the recent visit of the Archbishop of the Chaldean Diocese in Canada, Robert Saeed, a complimentary visit to congratulate him on the Resurrection, or is it behind the conversation about the unification of the Church between the two churches, which has been disobedient for centuries because of the difference in religion and identity between the two peoples? The president of the so-called fake Assyrian church of the east, Mar Dinha Khannanya IV, visited the Apostolic See and talked with Holy Pope John Paul II at the end of the twentieth century, and his successor, Patriarch Giorgis, also visited the Holy See, and both returned to their homes unsuccessful with a failed mission because their demand was against the Catholic faith doctrine, to cling to both of them was strong In the Nestorian doctrine!

Do you see that Mar Awa the III can disobey the Nestorian faith without fear of his biased people? Surely he can’t convince his separatist Nestorian people so why is he seeking a disobedient issue? Instead, the lack of success causes the intensification of the enmity between the two peoples that have actually existed since the political change occurred in the motherland “Iraq” in 2003. Will Mar Awa III just stop trying to have no success at all!

Deacon Dr. Gorgis Mardo