Chaldeans and Nestorians speak modern Chaldean by Catholic Scholars in 1913


The Catholic Encyclopedia published in 1913 provides a valuable insight to the Christian population in Mesopotamia Iraq, Turkey, Iran and Syria.

Published by world respected scientific scholars and endorsed by Archbishop of New York City, John Cardinal Farley.

“Chaldeans are the Native People of Mesopotamia”

The Catholic encyclopedia provides census of the Christian population between 1907 to 1913. Chaldeans, Armenians, Nestorians, Greeks are noted as the Christian population of this land.  This publication provides a detailed account of Chaldeans and Nestorians in Mesopotamia Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Iran.

They note of a Christian population that spoke modern Chaldean (also known as Sorath) and neo-Syriac.

Modern Chaldean language was used by Nestorians of Iran, Turkey and Mesopotamia (page 778)

The Catholic Encyclopedia 1913 page 778

This is a valuable document published by unbiased world scholars that identifies the Chaldean people (Catholics and Nestorians).  Chaldeans spoke Chaldean language and shared their traditions and heritage together.

Here is the google book link for your personal review to show that Chaldeans were the only known people of Mesopotamia Iraq as natives of the land.


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