United Chaldean Nation under God is our Strength

United Chaldeans of Mesopotamia. One Chaldean Nation under God

CHALDEAN is our identity, our ethnicity and our nationality 

Chaldean Nation Editorial 

Good job Chaldeans for your United Front to Win in Iraq

#Chaldean Unity has won the majority of #Iraqi #Christians Parliament seats and removing the old racist politicians that smeared out Chaldean ethnicity.

CHALDEAN is our identity, our ethnicity and our nationality.

CHALDEAN and forever will be.

Chaldean people are the majority of Iraqi Christians in Iraq.  95% of all Iraqi Christians are Chaldeans, the true native people of Mesopotamia.  Chaldeans should be leading all Iraqi Parliament seats in the future for Chaldean people.  No others should be allowed to steal our parliament seats and smear our beautiful Chaldean ethnicity.

Chaldeans are the rightful owners of Mesopotamia.  The history of our Chaldean Nation and the Holy Bible is true witness of our ethnicity.

We will continue to educate our people to be proud of our Chaldean nationality that unites more than 2 million Chaldeans from around the world.

CHALDEAN is our nationality and our unity

Video by Chaldean Coalition