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Chaldophobia – (Also known as anti-Chaldean)
is prejudice against, hatred of, or intolerance towards Chaldeans as an ethnic, religious, or racial people of Mesopotamia. Anti-Chaldean is widely considered to be a form of racism.

Anti-Chaldean may be expressed in a variety of ways including:
Denying the Chaldean ethnicity, people, and culture. In addition to slander and misrepresentation. Chaldophobia is the deliberate denunciation of the Chaldean nation and Chaldean race.

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We are Chaldean Nation with Babylon our eternal capital. We are native Chaldean people of Mesopotamia. The majority native people of Iraq with 85% of total Iraqi Christians. Out native history is 7300 years. We are the sons and daughters of the Chaldean civilization that lit up the world with Science, Astronomy, Mathematics, Architecture, Philosophy, Literature, Poetry, Language and Art. Our global population is 2 Million people. We are based in Iraq, our native country and have migrated in 50 countries from around the world due to on going persecution of Chaldeans and our Christian religion. Our largest population of Chaldeans is in Iraq and the United States. God bless all Chaldean native people of Mesopotamia Iraq.