Chaldeans are Natives of Mosul and Mardin, Mesopotamia, Report by American Board of Commissioners

Annual Report by the American Mission Commissioners, 1882

Who is the The American Board of Commissioners?

This is a powerful gathering of American leaders and scholars.  Every American state is represented by important American leaders.

More than 1,000 American leaders and scholars gathered during their annual convention to share their reports and research of Christian communities from around the world.

Annual reports were reviewed by important scholars, compiled and published in the 19th century to all important American members and scholars.

Chaldeans are Natives of Mosul and Mardin, Mesopotamia

In 1882 annual report by The American Board of Commissioners that was presented in their annual convention of about 1,000 scholars and leaders, they outline their research of native Christian communities in Mesopotamia, Pages 48 to 52. The Chaldean native people are well documented as the true native people of Mesopotamia and especially in Mosul and other Chaldean towns around this city.

The annual report is by well respected and educated American scholars and leaders.  This collective report is firm witness that the Chaldean people are the true native of Mosul, Telkeppe, Batnaya, Mardin, and many other Mesopotamian cities.

Here is a list of NATIVE Christian and Jewish communities in Mardin, Mesopotamia

(page 48)

7,850 Chaldeans

1,850 Jews

15,610 Syrian or Jecobites

9,595 Papists

(No other Native Christian community beside the above existed in Mardin, 1882 AD)

Mardin Native Christians

Here is a list of NATIVE Christian and Jewish communities in MOSUL, Mesopotamia

(page 52)

3,500 Chaldeans

1,800 Jews

2,500 Syrian Catholic

4,000 Jecobites

(No other Native Christian community existed in Mosul, 1882 AD)

Here is a list of NATIVE Christian, Jewish and Yezidies communities in 35 CHristian villages around MOSUL, Mesopotamia

(Such as Telkeppe, Batnaya, Alqosh, Telaskuf, Baghdeda, Qaraqosh)

2,095 Chaldeans

2,740 Syrian Catholics

2,025 Jacobites

505 Nestorians

1,740 Jews

840 Yezidies

Mosul Native Christians

The Annual Conference of The American Board of Commissioners of 1882 was attend by about 1,000 American scholars were the annual report of The American Board of Commissioners was presented to all respected members

Here is a list of the attendees from all American States

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