Trump’s Dump moves to Canada


The influx of refugees from USA to CANADA is a warning sign of destruction. It might take U.S. Intelligence and past experience to expel illegal immigrants from United States, but hear it from the horse’s mouth. Any Muslim fleeing Middle East or South East usually is a “radical”. Middle East does not tolerate radicalism, however, they’re ignored or expelled and who loves to embrace them out of ignorance or for a “seat” in United Nation? Of course, Europe and now CANADA ignoring the warning signs. Canada’s Bill 103 to protect Islam from Islamophobia is deadly to our values and well being. Where is the bill to protect Christians and our values and Jews? Why remove prayers from Public schools, why call it Happy Holidays not Merry Christmas? Would you say Happy Holiday to Muslims and yet you boldly say “Ramadan Mubarak”? do you know the true meaning of it? Here is WALMART in Windsor CANADA, displaying “Ramadan Mubarak”, in June of 2017, but they will display “Seasons Greetings” to Christians. I guess fear makes some people stay on their toes.



I didn’t create images, Islamist are publicly announcing their rage against us.


islamophia is racis bible vs kuran

Radical Islamist can cross our borders through Saudi Arabia under student visa to USA and CANADA under failed vetting system (ISIS in disguise). Donald Trump has enough intelligence and NO tolerance for cultures or religion that does not value ours, therefore, first thing on his agenda was to expel radicals or criminals. Now our borders have become an OPEN DOOR policy to accept them because our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wanted a seat at United Nation so badly failing to protect CANADIAN because he’s affiliated with ISLAMIST by way of proxy, his brother is a convert. Middle Eastern news media is unconcerned and we hear it on daily basis we speak their language.

ISIS in iraq

We Christian Middle Eastern fled our land because of atrocities and persecution we had faced for hundreds of years. Just look what ISIS has done to my birth land IRAQ, the genocide of Christians while the world remained silent. Meanwhile raging Liberals and Democrats cried for Muslims who are seeking asylum in our soil. Obama’s administration created ISIS. Liberals speak of fear because they know Islamic teachings is against our values and specifically contradicts with our laws “honour killings” and death to homosexuals. Since when Hollywood has become the beacon of political involvement? They hate Donald Trump because he’s going to TAX and AXE foreign manufacturing in China and other parts of South Asia for fractions of a cent. Stars have a huge market in China by producing their fashion line and products for pennies while they make millions by selling it USA and CANADA it’s a self-serving policy. . They have created a hate-monger on Trump using Homosexuals and women where ISLAM is all about the killing of Homosexuals and women! Trump does not hate immigrants for his ex-wife and present wife the FIRST LADY is Immigrant. How come media does not touch that aspect of his love. The left loves to destroy Trump’s image to suit their selfish needs! Stop being fooled and don’t fall for a wolf in sheep clothing called CNN.

migration to Saudi002

By promoting Islam in our soil is like when you’re raped and you find your rapist has been released in your neighbourhood that’s the feeling we Middle Eastern Christians in CANADA and USA feel today. Islamist are not here to adhere to our values and culture, they’re here