Don’t throw Chaldeans in the Lion’s Den

Daniel in the Lion's Den Daniel 6:19-20

The United States of America known as the land of the free and the one who embraces the humble, the poor and the persecuted, what they’re doing to Chaldeans by deporting them to IRAQ, is a crime against the United Nation Council.  I was at Sterling Heights yesterday when I learned that the U.S. Immigration, Customs Enforcement ( I.C.E.) abruptly picked up Iraqi Christians out of their safe haven to waiting Vans to be deported to IRAQ.

First and foremost, Iraqi Christians (native Chaldeans) have NO land in IRAQ, it’s occupied by ISIS or Kurds to the North, majority Muslims and Radicals. By sending these men/women back to IRAQ is like throwing them in the Lion’s Den. It’s internationally a crime to hand over the persecuted to the master.  I understand, the reason they were picked up because some were without status living in Michigan and few came legally to United States. However, under unfortunate circumstances, very few had a criminal record and that is why they were detained to be deported because they never had the chance to obtain a green card to become permanent residence. They had petty crimes, such as misdemeanors and they served their time and paid dues to the society, therefore, they cannot be tried again under international laws for this becomes a double jeopardy. They should be given the chance to seek Asylum or Refugees status, not treat them like animals, however, “animals in USA have more rights”.

The Chaldean people have worked and paid taxes and have families, properties and businesses and some are terminally ill, you don’t punish the ill where  they must rehabilitated. It would be more humane to serve in prison and wait for death row in United States than send them back to IRAQ where they will be slaughtered, because you are promoting the cause and motivating ISIS.  If these Chaldeans (Iraqi Christians)were to be sent back to IRAQ, then the U.S. government has to pick up the tab to take care of the wives and children left behind, since they were the sole financial support. Either way, the American government will have to fork out millions of dollars from Tax Payers to complete a procedure that is nothing but a sham.

No matter what they have done in the past in their juvenile years, it does not surpass the crimes committed by other cultures, such as MS-13 the notorious drug gang by Latinos, and Crips and Bloods by African/Americans and the assault and threats committed to Americans on daily basis by Radical Islam and let’s not forget 9/11.  I don’t think there is anything in American notorious crime books that Chaldeans/Assyrians have committed for them to be deported to a no man’s land, which I call the Lion’s Den.

Mr. President ( Trump ), I am asking you that these persecuted Chaldean people have done no harm on a bigger scale which they deserve to be sent back to IRAQ; a culture they not know or some were very young to remember. Please have some mercy on them for they have tragically lost families, homes and lands to ISIS in IRAQ. There are other avenues they can be rehabilitated or educated about American laws, do not treat them like they’re your enemy for they all voted for you!  You have met with Chaldean Nation officials during your campaign in Michigan and certainly had the chance to meet with our priests and bishops who discussed atrocities of Iraqi Christians.  Let them go back to their families and continue working and being part of the community, don’t judge them on their past. They certainly don’t deserve to be ripped off their daily life to a shocking new culture that is not the same and Iraq will never be the same, it’s a Wild East.

Daniel in the Lion's Den Daniel 6:19-20
Daniel in the Lion’s Den Daniel 6:19-20