Chaldeans of Alqosh Protest After Unlawful Mayoral Successor


On the 20th of July, residents of Alqosh, a Chaldean town located in Northern Iraq, marched and protested after the suspicious dismissal of their Chaldean-elected mayor by the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) forces, and substitution with an unelected Kurdish official.

Alqosh has historically belonged to Chaldeans and does up until today, however following this unlawful succession, Chaldeans gathered together with all their townsmen and protested over the unlawful act performed by the Kurdish government. Alqosh is under the jurisdiction of the Iraqi Central Government and this selective move done by the Kurdish government has sparked serious controversy over the last couple of weeks.


Alqosh is known as the “mother of all towns” within Chaldean tradition and this is because the residents of Alqosh have historically stood up and fought for their rights and have preserved much of their lands with honor. Alqosh is also one of the largest Chaldean settlements in the Nineveh Plains today and holds precious historical artifacts, including the tomb of the Jewish Prophet – Nahum, who prophesied over the Fall of Assyria. In addition, Alqosh also contains the monastery of Rabban Hormuz, which dates back to the fifth century AD.

The residents of Alqosh send a strong message to the Kurdish Region Government, through a sign of disdain for the unlawful decision made. The Alqoshites took up Iraqi flags, along with banners and posters presenting and refusing to accept the reckless and deliberate mayoral succession; and showed the Kurdish government that Chaldeans are united and that Alqosh is not under their jurisdiction, nor under any other foreign rule, but only that of itself, by its Chaldean, Christian, Indigenous population.