“Chaldean church faith is Catholic. Ethnicity of our people is  CHALDEAN.
There is no faith called Chaldean in the world.  Just as there is no faith called Armenian”

By Cardinal Chaldean Patriarch Dr. Raphael Lois Sako, July 1st, 2020

Our Chaldean ethnicity is 7000 years old. Our Christianity is 2000 year old. Chaldean people are proud and honor both our Christian religion and our native Chaldean ethnicity. We cherish them as our treasures to preserve and unite our Chaldean people everywhere. We are marching ahead with a united stand for all Chaldeans and with love to all people.

The Armenian people are dear to us as sisters and brothers living together in peace and harmony. Armenian people history is connected with Chaldean people history. They are proud as Armenians as we are as Chaldean people.

Chaldean People Ethnicity is Chaldean, our faith is Catholic and our religion is Christian.


· ܐܘ̈ܡܬܐ ܟܠܕܝܬܐالامة الكلدانية Chaldean Nation