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Chaldean publisher and archivist of the Chaldean people history and culture that survives until today in Iraq and the world. Native people of Mesopotamia and pioneers of Philosophy, Astronomy, science, technology, engineering, architecture and literature.
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Judith Miller, The New York Times Journalist Provoked Unjust War on Iraq in 2003

One reporter famed as top New York Times journalist; Judith Miller is the single source of all...

ChaldoPhobia Page

Chaldophobia – (Also known as anti-Chaldean)is prejudice against, hatred of, or intolerance towards Chaldeans as an ethnic, religious, or racial people...

Our Chaldean Cousins From Abraham of Ur of the Chaldeans

San Diego Jewish Press-Heritage, Aug. 23, 2002 By Donald H. Harrison And He...